Friday, November 18, 2016

Tidy Cats Direct and Amazon Prime Membership Giveaway!

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What's your favorite part of life with cats? Don't say "cleaning the litter box" because you'd be a big fat liar. No one likes the "doody duty." Litter box maintenance is, however, one of the tasks that comes along with cat ownership.

Here's some scoop for you: Tidy Cats has a brand new product called Tidy Cats Direct. Curious? Of course you are. Get this -- it's a disposable, all-in-one, one-time-use litter box that you can easily order online and have shipped to your door.

It's pre-filled with Tidy Cats LightWeight 24/7 Performance clumping litter to provide constant control. TidyLock Protection locks away urine, fecal, and ammonia odors. Each disposable box contains enough litter to last up to one month for one cat with typical use. All you have to do is open, scoop, toss, and replace! easy-peasy.

I was excited to give Tidy Cats Direct a try because anything that makes litter box maintenance easier is, well, worth a try. It arrived looking like a regular cardboard box. I'm not one who's known for following directions, but I wanted to make sure I opened the box properly, so I located the instructions on the box. Super simple. All I had to do was peel, pull back, and fold under. Voila! Litter box!

Cosmo and Phoebe were curious, of course. Any time I do anything with their litter box areas, they have to be all up in my business. I suppose they consider the boxes their "property," and I suppose their right. I'd be curious if they were making changes to my toilet. Little kitty plumbers -- cute!

The cats used the box for a full month and maintenance was a breeze. They took to the new addition just fine, and I continued with my usual scooping schedule. One might think the cardboard would allow for leaking, but no way. There's an anti-leak coating on the box. Science!

Another cool feature is the little lip that runs along the box's edge. It helps keep the litter inside the box, which is key for me because my Phoebe is a champion kicker. Another feature I appreciate is the lack of dust clouds because there's no pouring. That means less sneezing for Phoebe, who's also a championship sneezer.

When the life of the litter box had come to an end, all I had to do was close the flap and toss it. For real. That easy. Since I didn't have to scrub litter boxes, here's what I had time to do:

  • File my nails
  • Make a smoothie (banana blueberry with some flax seeds, in case you're wondering)
  • Blow raspberries on my cat's belly and try not to get my face rabbit-kicked off
  • Dispense cat treats
  • Take a Facebook quiz to discover my celebrity look-alike 


SO ... now comes the part where you get even more excited. Tidy Cats and Catladyland are giving one lucky winner the opportunity to win their own one-year Amazon Prime membership (or a $99 gift card if you already have a membership) and two months' worth of Tidy Cats Direct.

To qualify, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below AND comment on this blog post with what you would do with the time saved from the convenience of Tidy Cats Direct. You have to do BOTH, and there are also additional opportunities. Although Tidy Cats will only ship to U.S. addresses, readers outside the country are welcome to enter and, should they win, can donate their prize to a U.S. shelter or friend.

Good luck!

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