Texts from Mittens

Texts from Mittens originated on Catster, and now has its own site!

'"Texts from Mittens' is the best blog about text messages from a cat ever. LISTEN. This is the THE absolute best texting cat blog of all time. A bold claim, but I mean it. I MEAN IT."

And now you can buy the Texts from Mittens book!

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  1. I have not missed a single one one of Mittens' Texts. Best cat text blog ever! And just wondering, who plays Mittens in the photos? In other words, which cat? At first I thought it was Cosmo, but the cat in the pictures is different.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoy them! The character of Mittens is played by a friend's cat -- his name is Bullet. :)

    2. He's got it down purrrrfectly! I'm assuming that Stumpy is also a friend's cat? Unless, of course, there is a mysterious cat who plays the part and then disappears.....hey, it's possible!


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