Monday, December 28, 2015

Win a Year's Supply of Tidy Cats Litter ... and a Unique Tiny Hat! #TidyCatsNYEHats

New Year's Eve is quickly approaching -- can you believe it's nearly 2016? Where did the year go? Our cats are probably wondering the same thing ... because they slept for most of the year: "Where did the year go? Did I dream the whole thing? By the way, where did my food go? Not dinner time? Wake me when it's time to eat." 

Yeah, that's what a lot of cats would say if asked about their memories of 2015, but that doesn't mean they don't like to party. Cats can be total party animals ... after a nice nap, that is.

Cosmo's ready to party in his own Adam Ellis design. He's even wearing his tux.

Many of us humans like to don fun hats, grab festive (yet annoying) noise-makers, and get our groove on at New Year's Eve parties. I admit it -- I've worn New Year's party hats. If you're gonna go all in, go all in.

Why should people be the only ones with cool hats? This year, Tidy Cats is teaming up with tiny-hat designer, Adam Ellis to offer readers an opportunity to win their very own, hand-crafted tiny hat for their party-going kitty. 

But wait, there's more! Tidy Cats is offering the same winner a year's supply of Tidy Cats litter -- in the form of 12 full-value coupons. Free cat litter is a legit reason to party! 

Here's how the giveaway works:

  • Giveaway runs from now through midnight Central, January 1, 2016.
  • Enter your name and email address in the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Complete the Twitter portion of the widget if you'd like additional entries.
  • Open to U.S. readers.
  • Giveaway subject to change.

Good luck, and Happy New Year to you and your kitties!

We are a member of the Tidy Cats Insiders and are being compensated to help spread the word about innovations and updates about Tidy Cats. Catladyland only shares information we think would be of interest to our readers. The opinions are our own.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Plight of Holiday Cat

The holidays can be a difficult time for cats. The new toys exhaust them into lengthy naps that last for hours at a stretch. The energy expended to break in new jingle balls and catnip mice is more than any kitty should bear.

No one really understands the plight of the holiday cat.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Cat's Taken Pillow-Jacking to a New Level

So I bought this cozy new body pillow. Really -- if you've never tried sleeping with one, you're missing out. Phoebe didn't want to miss out and immediately occupied it. Oh, and now I can't get it away from her.

She must think "body pillow" means she's supposed to plop her whole body right on top of it. She'd be way better off with a body pillow her own size, but wouldn't be any fun, now would it?

I'm used to her stealing my pillow, but this is kind of ridiculous.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Cat Paw Extended, Toes Fanned ... Yes!

Cats sleep in the funniest positions. I caught Phoebe crashed with her paw extended and her toes fanned. Fanned, I tell you! Ask me if I touched her feet. Go ahead. Of course I did -- are you crazy?

Also, I think she would have preferred I place a treat in that paw instead of getting my cat-paws jollies on. Well, when you up the cute ante, you're asking for it. I'm only human, after all.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Tidy Cats Litter Selector ... and Giveaway! #TidyInsider

I'll just come right out and say it: the cat litter aisle can be overwhelming. Agree? I thought you might. Friends, let me assure you there's no reason to stress over what goes in your kitty's box. Tidy Cats knows not every type of litter fits every type of cat or human. 

My cats care what's in ALL their boxes. 

Some enjoy scented litter, while others prefer straight-up options. Instant action or long-term odor control? What do you think? How about the weight of the litter? Do you want to build muscle or are you a lightweight? OK, raise your hand if you love a nice clump! Me, me, me!

Maybe you didn't even know there were so many choices. Perhaps your thinking becomes scattered when considering the selections, so you close your eyes and grab something off the shelf. Some have become accustomed to purchasing the same brand each time the litter runs low. Whatever the case, the Tidy Cats Litter Selector will match you to your ideal type of litter. It's like online dating, but with cat litter.

It's not hard -- promise! Just honestly answer a few simple questions about your home, lifestyle, and general preferences, and let Tidy do the work! I tried the Litter Selector and found my perfect match: Tidy Cats Instant Action. We're meeting at the litter boxes for our date next week. I can hardly wait.

Tidy Cats and Catladyland is giving three (3) lucky readers the opportunity to win five (5) jugs or bags of litter (or one full jug or bag and four full-value coupons)! Isn't that exciting? Here's how you qualify:

  • Click here to try the Tidy Cats Litter Selector.
  • Leave a comment on this post with the type of litter Tidy selected for you.
  • Enter your name and email address in the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Open to U.S. readers only. 
  • Giveaway closes at midnight (Central) on December 19.

Good luck!

We are a member of the Tidy Cats Insiders and are being compensated to help spread the word about innovations and updates about Tidy Cats. Catladyland only shares information we think would be of interest to our readers. The opinions are our own.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Attempt to Translate a Perfectly-Timed Cat Pic

When a cat poses with her paw raised, there's little to do but grab the camera because the cuteness is one step past overwhelming. After I looked at the perfectly-timed photo (of a cat -- go figure), my mind considered all the things she could be telling me as I took the photo. Body language is everything ... well, not everything -- apple fritters are pretty good, too.

So, here are the options I considered. What do you think she's telling me?

A. Hiya.
B. I'll have this many treats.
C. One step closer I'm gonna smack you.
D. Can't a girl bathe in peace?
E. All of the above.

Somehow I think E is the most realistic answer, especially since I caught her mid-face cleaning.

Did I mention how perfectly-timed the photo is? Let's hear it for feline-photography related miracles!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cold-Shoulder Cat Totally Loves Me

I just returned from my whirlwind trip to the Sunshine State, and enjoyed visiting a variety of super-swell felines during my stay. I'm not gonna lie: cats like me. I think they sense my 24-7 kitty-brain-wave vibes ... or else they smell the residual odor of treats in my pockets. Whatever the case, I am a friend to cats of the world. One day I'd like to travel the world and hug all the cats. Not in that eHarmony crying-catlady sort of way, but in a much cooler, hip kind of way. It'd be all kinds of magical and maybe I'd cry. OK, maybe I would be a little but like the eHarmony lady.


Cosmo-not Cosmo

So while staying with a friend in Tampa, I had the pleasure of meeting a cat named Theo. I can't say he initially shared the pleasure in our meeting, but he came around. I've known about Theo for a while because he lives with a Texts from Mittens reader and she posts pics of him on the Mittens Facebook page. He looks similar to my Cosmo, who is the light of my very existence. So of course I went into the relationship with a little extra kitty-love in my heart.

Look how much Theo LOVES me. LOOK!


He totally loves me.

Oh, Theo is featured in this week's Texts from Mittens storyline -- take a look-see!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Florida Panthers

I'm in Florida this week for a couple of Texts from Mittens book-signings. The bonus is that I get to stay with my family and enjoy a bit of a vacation. The bonus-bonus is I get to hang out with my three feline nephews.

The boyz.

My sister and her family adopt black cats, and her current fuzzy brood includes:

Bowser, the older gentleman, is exquisitely majestic. He's a total panther! When I look at him, I totally get why Egyptians worshipped cats ... and why we still do.

The majesty -- can you feel it?

Mojo is a wide-eyed loverboy who I just want to squeeze all the time. Can you stand it? I can't.

Mojo has mojo.

Jinx is my sister's baby. He's her Velcro cat, and is by her side whenever he gets the chance. He has a tiny head and a large body, but we think that only adds to his handsome appeal.

Huffable belly ready 4 U. 

I miss my kitties so much, but at least I get to have my kitty fix with my trio of Florida panthers.

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