Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Florida Panthers

I'm in Florida this week for a couple of Texts from Mittens book-signings. The bonus is that I get to stay with my family and enjoy a bit of a vacation. The bonus-bonus is I get to hang out with my three feline nephews.

The boyz.

My sister and her family adopt black cats, and her current fuzzy brood includes:

Bowser, the older gentleman, is exquisitely majestic. He's a total panther! When I look at him, I totally get why Egyptians worshipped cats ... and why we still do.

The majesty -- can you feel it?

Mojo is a wide-eyed loverboy who I just want to squeeze all the time. Can you stand it? I can't.

Mojo has mojo.

Jinx is my sister's baby. He's her Velcro cat, and is by her side whenever he gets the chance. He has a tiny head and a large body, but we think that only adds to his handsome appeal.

Huffable belly ready 4 U. 

I miss my kitties so much, but at least I get to have my kitty fix with my trio of Florida panthers.

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