Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cold-Shoulder Cat Totally Loves Me

I just returned from my whirlwind trip to the Sunshine State, and enjoyed visiting a variety of super-swell felines during my stay. I'm not gonna lie: cats like me. I think they sense my 24-7 kitty-brain-wave vibes ... or else they smell the residual odor of treats in my pockets. Whatever the case, I am a friend to cats of the world. One day I'd like to travel the world and hug all the cats. Not in that eHarmony crying-catlady sort of way, but in a much cooler, hip kind of way. It'd be all kinds of magical and maybe I'd cry. OK, maybe I would be a little but like the eHarmony lady.


Cosmo-not Cosmo

So while staying with a friend in Tampa, I had the pleasure of meeting a cat named Theo. I can't say he initially shared the pleasure in our meeting, but he came around. I've known about Theo for a while because he lives with a Texts from Mittens reader and she posts pics of him on the Mittens Facebook page. He looks similar to my Cosmo, who is the light of my very existence. So of course I went into the relationship with a little extra kitty-love in my heart.

Look how much Theo LOVES me. LOOK!


He totally loves me.

Oh, Theo is featured in this week's Texts from Mittens storyline -- take a look-see!

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