Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My Cats Are Pleased With My Poor Math Skills

I recently posted directions on how to make a really great no-sew cat bed. When I bought the fleece for it, I was thinking there would be more that I was given -- another example of my math usually eludes me. I'd made the bed once before, and it felt like I'd used way more fleece -- let's just say that.

Anyhow, I knew I was going to make the bed for a Catladyland post, and wanted it to look attractive. I was a little bit afraid readers would be like, "That's a tiny pillow! You're cheap! No cat's going to want to lie on that thing!" Admittedly, I can be cheap (although I prefer to call myself a "locator of good deals"), but was perfectly willing to pay full price for the fleece with the kitten-princess print. I mean, what cat doesn't already think he or she is royalty, right? Maybe the regal fleece (that just sounds ridiculous) would make up for the fact that I'd added incorrectly and bought too little fabric.

Phoebe bows to the regal fleece.

So I headed home, created the bed and posted all about it right here on my blog. I placed the bed on the floor, hoping one of the cats would claim it, but no. Of course, when I want them to plop on top of something, they want nothing to do with it. In fact, I had to arrange Cosmo on top of the pillow so I could snag a decent photo of a cat sorta-kinda enjoying the pillow.

Yeah, this is staged. He didn't care about this pillow.

After I posted the cat-bed instructions, the cats decided they did indeed like the pillow, and now I think I understand why it's so popular: It's just about the same size as my bed pillow, of which my cats (especially Cosmo) are so fond of jacking.

He does care about THIS pillow.

So maybe I was wrong -- maybe this is the perfect size of pillow to make for my cats. Perhaps my bad math paid off this time? Whatever the case, it's now the most popular resting place in my house.

Now it's everybody's favorite. Explain cats, please.

So there is a long story about how poor math skills can actually work in your favor. Good luck with all that, and make the cat bed -- it's for-real easy.

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