Sunday, July 13, 2014

You Need to Make this Easy, No-Sew Cat Bed! #BlogPawsDIY

Like most cats, mine are skilled in the art of couch potato-ing. They're masters at identifying potentially comfortable surfaces on which to lie ... and somehow even find coziness in places that don't seem quite cozy to me. But try to explain cats ... go ahead. Yeah, I thought so. Impossible.

I wouldn't consider myself a super-crafty person, but I can create simple projects, and even sew a little. I found instructions for a simple, no-sew cat bed that takes about half an hour to create -- longer if you're actively shooing cats off the top of the fleece.

Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 pieces of fleece (different designs are nice) that are exactly the same size. There's no prescribed size -- I usually use 1/2 of a yard or less.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pillow stuffing

1. Lay the fleece pieces on top of each other, with the "good" sides on the outside.

2. Place a line of tape, 4-inches from the bottom of each side. This will leave a square in each corner -- follow the line of tape and cut out the square.

3. Cut 1-inch strips from the fabric to the line of tape -- this will create a fringe all the way around the fleece.

4. Prevent cat from playing with fringe (good luck).

5. Knot the fringed pieces of the top fabric to those of the bottom fabric. 

6. Move cat so you can tie all the knots (good luck).

7. After three sides are tied, stuff bed with desired amount of pillow stuffing, and then tie final side.

Please note: Cat may immediately begin testing the new bed by "making biscuits." 

Yes, it's a success!

Good luck with making your no-sew cat bed! Even more luck trying to work around your furry "assistants!"

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