Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting Inside My Cats' Heads

My cats rarely share the same space, so when they do, I grab the camera. This phenomenon happened a couple of weeks ago, and I just love how everyone looks in the photograph I captured. There are so many stories that could go along with this pic. I try to imagine what each of them is thinking. Here are a few ideas.

Cosmo: The girls got the best spots again. This is total BS.

Saffy: I'm in the window and Phoebe isn't swatting me. Is today Opposite Day?

Phoebe: *pretending not to see Saffy because too tired to swat*

Cosmo: I love Mom so much. I wonder where she is. *purr, purr, drool, drool*

Saffy: I'm hungry. I wonder if I can make it past Phoebe without her swatting me.

Phoebe: If Saffy leaves the window, I'll definitely swat her. And then I'll jack that window. Screw Opposite Day.

Just another day in Catladyland.

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