Friday, August 2, 2013

Cats Love Musicals -- Most, Anyway

Fanglish Friday's here again! Ready for a couple of more cat slang terms? Of course you are.

Guess what? I'm going to see the traveling Broadway stage performance of Les Misérables this weekend! I love musicals and actually used Lay Misérables as one of our Fanglish terms a few months ago. 

I love to sing to my cats, so I can only assume they enjoy musicals too. Or at least they're kind about my off-pitch voice. I decided this week to offer up a theme again. This time it's -- you guessed it -- musicals!

1. Little Shop of Horrors.

The veterinarian's office, seen through a cat's eyes.

Maurice saw the carrier in the living room and knew he's soon have a front row seat at Little Shop of Horrors.
Marilyn did not want to see Little Shop of Horrors again. Photo: pjmorse

2. Bye, Bye Birdie
A mass exodus of birds a cat had been watching.

Snowball watched a group of sparrows on the patio and then witnessed a live showing of Bye, Bye Birdie.

Lance had seen Bye, Bye Birdie many times. Photo: Rafal Nalepa

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See you next week for another visit into the back alley world of Fanglish!

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