Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Fanglish: Lay Misérables/Nerves of Steal

It's Friday Fanglish time again! FYI: I had to type today's selections whilst hiding under the covers because I think my cats are onto me. So beware ... they are watching and should they discover we are becoming hip to their secret lingo, we'll all be paying for it. 

Now, with extreme caution, I present you with this week's cat slang terms.

Lay Misérables

A cat's cranky disposition after being picked up and moved to lie in a different location

Snowball was completely Lay Misérables when The Lady relocated him to the sofa.

Nerves of Steal

The audacity of a cat who repeatedly steals other cats' food

Maurice and Snowball looked over their shoulders while eating because they knew Mittens had nerves of steal.

Click for a full list of Fanglish terms

See you next week for another visit into the back alley world of Fanglish!

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