Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guardian of the Garbage Bags

Because I love the photos of Cosmo hiding in the kitchen cabinets so much (and generally find myself laughing at a joke for days after everyone else has stopped laughing), I decided to share a close-up of Mr. Cosmo's silly shot with the bags and various paper products.  LOOK at him! Look at that face!

Seriously, could I not still be laughing at this?  I've been thinking about the various titles I could choose to truly capture the mood of the photo.  I decided on Guardian of the Garbage Bags because I like the hard "g" sounds (I'm a sucker for alliteration) and the thought of someone seriously guarding a giant box of Costco garbage bags cracks me up in a huge way.  He does look pretty serious, though.  

Here are some other possible titles for the above photo:

Protector of the Paper Products
Costco Cosmo
Peeping Tom (ha ha...'cause he's a tom cat)
Cats: Better in Bulk
Cosmos' Best Roll Yet.

OK...I think it's out of my system now...maybe.

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