Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Vision for Unconditional Love

There's one common bond all living creatures share: the need to feel loved and accepted.  No matter how we look, how we learn, what language we speak, or what challenges we may face...all of us deserve the same respect. It's a sad fact that sometimes animals who, to the eye, may appear or act a little out-of-the-ordinary are overlooked by potential adopters.  These sweet souls are out-of-the-ordinary; they are extraordinary!  Many have overcome obstacles and their fighting spirit has kept them here.  They're just looking for that special someone who recognizes their worth and beauty and eagerness to love and be loved.  In celebration and recognition of these special animals, Petfinder is sponsoring Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week the week of September 17-25.

Meet Tippie, a gorgeous girl who found her way to Feline Rescue, Inc. in St. Paul, MN.  Tippie arrived at the shelter with one blind eye.  The vet thinks the eye was likely punctured by a claw and it has steadily become more red and swollen.  Now the vet is recommending the eye be removed and permanently closed. Additionally, the other eye is infected with a herpes virus and will require treatment for the rest of her life.

Photo: Feline Rescue Inc.

Currently, Tippie is being loved and cared for in the home of foster mom, Carolyn.  Tippie's eye surgery is scheduled for September 29th; after healing time, she will be available for adoption.  Although her vision is limited, her heart is bursting with unlimited love and she will undoubtedly make a sweet and loyal companion for the human lucky enough to provide her with a forever home.  

Photo: Feline Rescue, Inc.

Surgery is expensive, but necessary in order to repair Tippie's infected eye.  Feline Rescue Inc. is accepting donations (make sure and designate "Tippie" when donating) toward the medical costs and Carolyn has committed to matching each $200 collected with one large bag of toys for the kitties at Feline Rescue Inc.  If you'd like to follow Tippie's progress, please join her  Facebook group. And thank you for considering a donation.  To meet cats like Tippie and other less-adoptable pets, please click over to Petfinder's gallery.

I think there's a lot more good going on in the world than the media often covers.  I believe there's more good than bad and there's more than enough love to share with each and every living creature.  Love is limitless and everyone deserves to feel that warm rush of unconditional adoration.  Everyone.

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