Monday, July 18, 2011

One Book, One Winner, and One Lazy Cat

A week ago I posted the opportunity to win a cool new book called 15 Great Pet Blogs.  It's published by Happy Tails Books, who donates no less than 25% of book sales to the rescue organization of the purchaser's choice.  What's even more excellent is that Catladyland is one of the 15 featured blogs!

I used an online random number generator to choose the winner and Mr. Number Generator pulled Carolyn Schellhardt's name out of the virtual hat!  Congrats, Carolyn -- I hope you enjoy the book!

If you didn't win the giveaway, I still encourage you to check out the Happy Tails site and their collection of inspiring and heartwarming books about adopted pets and rescue animals.  And, of course, you can pick up a copy of 15 Great Pet Blogs.

Speaking of helping rescue animals, remember you can vote twice daily for Catladyland as Funniest Blog/Blogger in the 2011 Pettie Awards!  Help the kitties and me win $1,000 for Feline Rescue!  

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