Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dollops of Delight

Lately, I've been thinking about gratitude and all the things I love about my life. Because I'm feeling ooey-gooey and always looking for another opportunity to create a list, I give you 20 odd little dollops of delight that I absolutely adore.

1. Looking into the refrigerator or pantry and finding exactly what I am hungry for at the time
2. Listening to the very end of a great song just as I'm pulling into the driveway
3. The smell of a lilac bush
4. Dipping a potato chip into baked beans (see #1)
5. Finding a misplaced list and realizing I can cross-off multiple items
6. The cat-spit smell of my cats' fur
7. Reaching into my vortex of a purse and locating my keys right away (this is in contrast to the all-too-frequent event of having to dump my entire purse on the floor, curse, and finally locate my keys)
8. Watching Monty Python's Flying Circus with my kids and laughing our bums off
9. Watching Breakfast at Tiffany's by myself and crying at the end
10. That excited feeling when I've found something in common with a friend
11. Watching and listening to chubby little chickadees
12. Writing with a purple pen
13. Getting a strong cup of coffee and walking around the farmer's market early in the morning with John
14. The smell and taste of jasmine rice
15. A giant bucket of French fries at the State Fair
16. Becoming completely entranced and fascinated with beautiful poetry
17. Acting so completely silly with my friends that other people politely walk (run) away
18. Making up and listening to ridiculous puns
19. The thought of hugging a miniature horse
20. The feeling of waking up, thinking it's time to get up for the day, and realizing I still have six hours to sleep

I could think of at least two dozen more things, but I seriously feel the need to whip up some baked beans...


  1. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE these dollops of delight Angie!!! I just really appreciate how you think. :)

  2. Well, here's to fulfilling #10: I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffany's, the smell of a lilac bush, the EXTREME thrill of getting to the end of that song just as I get home....and I thought I was the only one who likes (no...LOVES) the taste of baked beans on potato chips.

  3. Hugs to you, Miss Tracey!

    Susan, I could make an entire meal off baked beans and potato chips :)


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