Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nom, nom, nom...

OK, I know I am weird on so many levels (it's at this point that my husband says, "you can just stop right there"), but apart from what has become "everyday weird," I have a confession. Sometimes when I am holding one of my cats, I am so overwhelmed by their tasty cuteness that I want to bite them or squeeze them until they pop. I never do, mind you, but I can hardly contain myself sometimes.

Have you seen Phoebe's nose? It is white and sweet like a perfect powdered sugar donut. I want a nibble of that nose.

And Saffy's belly is like a giant coconut macaroon.'s completely luscious and fluffy-ful. I have yet to sneak a snack of it, but I will not deny an occasional tummy-nuzzle.

And dear, sweet Cosmo and his scrumptious black and white coat of delicious-- not unlike a freshly baked piece of marble cake. I want to frost him for a late-night snack -- he's such a tempting treat.

Have I finally gone off the deep end? Or am I just hungry all the time? Maybe both.


  1. Honey, you know I'm right there with you. :)

  2. You are silly but completely in your right to want to sample the bakery of kitty goodness.

  3. this is hilarious. Especially Saffy's belly. Of course I understand. When Kerry and I saw this tiny baby deer her stepmom had taken in (mom hit by a car), Kerry and I kept talking about how we wanted to nibble on the teeny little cloven hooves. And then there's Brody. Always asking me why I bite him (love bites on his arm usually). Is that awful? Why do we want to chew on those we love? The visual of you alone in the kitchen at night when everyone is asleep and you are frosting cosmo makes me laugh. His tail would be slowly twitching. Not sure if he likes what you were doing or not.


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