Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Naps and Unquestioned Quirky Behavior? Sign Me Up!

Because I still feel listy (hey -- it's better than feeling listless) and am often jealous of my cats' lives of leisure, I began thinking about the reasons why I would enjoy the life of a feline.

1. I could practice my napping skills and my gift for being able to fall asleep anywhere would be useful.

2. I could zone-out in a daydream while staring at a wall and no one would even think twice about my sanity.

3. I could ignore people that annoy me.

4. All of my meals would be prepared for me.

5. I could fit into really great hiding places when I wanted to be elusive.

6. Someone else would clean my toilet.

7. I would never have to change clothes (no more laundry!).

8. I'd have really cute, tiny front teeth (I LOVE those little teeth).

9. The only fashion faux pas I'd have to avoid is walking around with an ear turned inside out.

10. I could entertain myself for hours with a string, a milk jug lid, or a ball of foil.

Yes, my cats have a pretty cushy life for which I think I'd be pretty well-suited. Well...apart from the "licking my own behind" part...


  1. I have often said that in my next life, I will come back as a house cat. I think I deserve it.

  2. Moggies really do have a cushty life, when one thinks about it. If people behaved like cats, they'd get locked up.


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