Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Directions? Who Needs 'Em? (ummm..me?)

I'm not the best at reading directions -- I have no patience for that sort of thing. I'd rather make my own rules and figure things out myself, which sometimes ends in disaster.

I always read directions for prescription medications and important items like that, but I suppose with some over-the-counter products, I glance at the back of the container and then create my own (better) plan. After the birth of my second child I was experiencing a lot of joint pain everywhere. Apparently, I thought it was a great idea to rub Icy Hot all over my body, like lotion. Wow. That was a burning mistake of epic proportions! I ended up dancing around the house, feeling like a giant Peppermint Patty on steroids. I jumped in the shower, but the stuff was so absorbed in my skin that it didn't do much good. Fail.

More recently, I was experiencing some dry mouth effects and my doctor suggested I try this gel-stuff that helps produce saliva. Did I even think to check the instructions? Nope. I ended up slathering my tongue with this gel and spent the rest of the day drooling like a dog (or in my case, my cat Cosmo).

Yeah, take my advice... sometimes it actually pays to read the directions. I'll probably start doing that sometime soon.

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  1. It's always, always a treat to visit here Angie! Points taken!


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