Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Triple T Studios Wool-Blend Gloves Are Cozy and Cute

The cold weather has arrived here in Minnesota and, once again, I've been taking inventory of my winter gear. I somehow lose hats and single gloves -- I have no idea how that happens. Maybe the gloves go to that that place where single socks retire -- a secret hideaway where they live it up, partying 24/7 and laughing at us humans who sit perplexed, questioning their whereabouts.

Just as I was mourning the loss of a few single gloves, the calvary arrived! That's right -- my friends at Triple T Studios™ offered to send me not one -- but two pairs of gloves. I absolutely adore the Triple T merch -- and I needed gloves -- so of course I gratefully accepted.

I love both pairs of gloves, but am especially enamored by the cashmere-wool blend gray ones. The embroidered black cat is classy and sassy, and I find them warm, comfortable, and super cute with my black coat. Not only are they cool, they have touch points for technology on the thumb and index fingers. I've been wearing these sweet things nearly every day.

The Sweet Annie Cat Gloves are pretty in pink with a cute little embroidered image of Annie the cat. These wool-blend gloves are cozy and whimsical. Like the grey ones, they come with touch points for technology. 

Looking for a cat-tastic holiday gift for a cat lover in your life? These gloves are the perfect fit, Speaking of fit, they come in both medium and large sizes. 

You'll GLOVE them!

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