Friday, August 14, 2015

Triple T Studios Won Me Over With the Refined Feline Wallet

I'm beyond particular when it comes to wallets. I tend to find the "perfect" one and then use it until it falls apart because, well, it's perfect. I require certain compartments: one for receipts, one for business cards and other misc. small pieces of paper, and one for mystery items that don't seem to belong anywhere. I also must have an adequate number of slots for my driver's license, credit cards, library cards and of course my Costco card. The wallet has to have a decent-sized compartment for coins. A wallet is like a good bra -- it must be a perfect fit.

Joanne and I at CatConLA.

I met up with my friend Joanne McGonagle of The Tiniest Tiger and Triple T Studios while I was at CatConLA in June. Triple T just has the cutest items. Aside from being particular regarding wallets, I'm also picky when it comes to cat-themed items, in general. Her offerings are top notch and classy -- just like her!

Two color options!

As I was perusing the merchandise at her CatConLA booth, my eyes fell on the Refined Feline wallet. At first glance, it looked like a nice size, but I questioned its ability to hold my must-carry items. I grabbed one (politely, of course) and unzipped it to find a veritable wonderland of compartments! OK, I was hooked. I needed this wallet, and to be honest, my old was was getting pretty threadbare. Joanne agreed to send me a wallet to try. Of course, I was thrilled at the prospect of a new wallet! I couldn't wait to see if it would be as perfect as a well-fitted bra.

Ohhh, roomy!

I received the package and quickly transferred all my important wallet cargo from the old to the new one. Guess what? It all fit, and I was even able to zip without completely busting the cute little bag. The site claims most cell phones fit inside the wallet, and my iPhone 6 did indeed fit. There's a removable strap for the wallet, so you can leave the strap on and carry it as a small purse -- cell phone and all. Cool!

Please note the detachable handle. Handy!

Here's the general 411 about the Refined Feline Wallet from Triple T Studios -- you can visit the site for more details and to order the discounted item!

  • Available in beige and black.
  • Made of poly-synthetic, water-resistant leather.
  • 8-inches long, 4-inches wide, and 1-inch deep.

My refined feline approves.

If you're as picky about wallets as I am, I suggest taking a look. Again, it's discounted, and the holidays are closer than we think! You know it's true.

Triple T Studios provided us with free product, but Catladyland only shares information we think is valuable to our readers. Triple T Studios isn't responsible for the content of this post.

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