Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Connecting at BlogPaws: We Truly "Get" One Another

As some of you know, I recently returned from BlogPaws, the most fabulous pet-blogging conference on the planet. It was my fifth year in attendance, and once again did not disappoint!

View from my room at the Westin Lake Las Vegas -- nice!

My favorite part of BlogPaws is networking and connecting with friends and brands. It's always great to see my buddies from Hill's, PetSafe and Purina. Plus, I got to meet the Weruva folks! This was exciting because I'm currently working on a campaign for them. And Hauspanther's Cat Style Lounge was the best yet!

And speaking of friends, they were everywhere! I can't tell you how absolutely gratifying and fun it is to share the same space with other pet lovers who truly "get" one another.

JaneA from Paws and Effect, Christine from Riverfront Cats, me, and Vicky from Catster

It's like coming home. I mean, it's cool enough to interact online with other bloggers, but to sit face-to-face with them, and truly connect is something else altogether.

A new friend from Kitty Bungalow

And congrats to Debbie Glovatsky of Glogirly and Alana Grelyak from Cat in the Fridge for winning well-deserved awards in the Nose-to-Nose Social Media and Blogging Awards! I couldn't be prouder to run in the same circles with these talented ladies!

All in all, it was another fabulous conference! Next year I hope to see you in Nashville for the 2015 conference! Register now!

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