Saturday, January 11, 2014

Some Cool News and a Photo of Saffy with a Plastic Lid on Her Head

It's the weekend! Woo Hoo!!! We wanted to take this opportunity to share a few bits of news with you. For starters, Catladyland's Facebook page hit 300,000 this week! That's almost a third of a million! Holy cats, that's cool! Thanks to all of you for contributing to the fun we have every day on the good ol' Facebook.

Did you hear that Texts from Mittens has its own Twitter account now? That's right -- our pal Mitty finally took the leap to Twitterville and is currently hounding Judge Judy for a follow. Paws crossed he'll get his wish. In addition to Tweeting the new and flashback text message images, he's also personally Tweeting. Yes, this is your opportunity to chat with Mittens himself! Please note that nothing will change as far as Facebook goes -- you'll still see Mittens there every day. This is just an "in addition to." Ohhh ... also keep your eyes and ears peeled for Mittens merchandise. We polled you on the Facebook page last week, and there's definitely a desire!

Click here to access Mittens' Twitter page!

The price of my book, whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, has been reduced this week on Amazon. It looks like they have a limited number left in stock before they will order more from the publisher. If you've been thinking about snagging a copy, now's the time to do it! And thank you to everyone who already has a copy and is enjoying it -- I love the comments and messages you've been sending me! Don't forget you -- um, your cat -- can create ads on the whiskerslist site, as well as comment on existing ads. How fun is that?

Click here to order whiskerslist.
Click here to access the whiskerlist site.

The BlogPaws conference is quickly approaching. This one will mark my fifth year in attendance! I'll tell you, it's well-worth the trip to connect with like-minded pet lovers, learn a ton about starting a blog -- or making your existing one even better, and have an absolute TON of fun! And since I'm an Ambassador, feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the conference -- I'm happy to help! 

And guess what? One of the cool things I get to do as an Ambassador is offer you a discount on the already deal of a registration fee. Here's how it works: When you check out, use the special code BlogPaws2014-Angie-10 and you'll receive 10% off the already-deal-of-a registration fee! 

And lastly, as promised, here is a photo of Saffy with a plastic red lid -- I mean hat --  on her head. Stacy and Glenn, this is especially for you, although I hope everyone enjoys the glory of The Lady in Red.

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