Wednesday, November 6, 2013

My Cats Love This Toy -- And It's So Simple and Inexpensive!

In previous posts I mentioned the generous and crowd-pleasing toys and goodies we received from sponsors at the Cat Writers' Association conference. One stood out as a particular favorite among my three cats: The Pioneer Pet Nip Nibblers.

It's crazy -- the toy is so incredibly simple. It's catnip stuffed inside lightweight material. This is what they look like:

Source: Pioneer Pet

Because the material is very breathable, the catnip scent really comes through the toy. And they are really inexpensive: $3.99 for three. Pioneer Pet didn't ask me to post any of this -- I was just so impressed with how much my cats enjoyed this toy and wanted to share. If you're looking for a super-fun, inexpensive stocking stuffer (or anytime toy) for your cat, this is a winner! /unsolicited plug

Here's a Vine of Phoebe going nuts with a Nip Nibbler (if it doesn't play right away, click the image):

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