Monday, November 4, 2013

Lap Cat Goes Back to Work

Yesterday I returned from the Cat Writers' Association annual conference and my cats were pleased ... for the most part. As predicted, Saffy and Phoebe were glad to see me and Cosmo acted like I'd abandoned him for years and wouldn't speak to me. Until I hauled out the cat swag, of course. Then he changed his tune. Typical self-serving cat.

Phoebe is especially pleased because she's my lap cat while I'm writing during the day. This morning she waited patiently at my desk until I sat down and spread her "blanky" across my lap. I don't have the heart to move her for any reason whatsoever. I really wish I'd slipped on an adult diaper and grabbed some snacks. That's poor planning on my part.

All clocked in for the work day.

How can I be expected to disturb that face? I'm no monster.

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