Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Won an Award, Hung Out with Friends and Met an Amazing New Cat Buddy!

Finally heading home today after visiting with a friend in Texas and then attending the 2013 Cat Writers' Association conference in Dallas. At the conference I attended some fantastic workshops, met some great people at the book signing, sold some copies of whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds, met an amazing blind cat named Spirit and won a Muse Medallion for my Catster column, Kids, Cats, Chaos! A bunch of my fellow cat-writing buddies won too, including Deb Barnes of Zee & Zooey won Friskies Writer of the Year award, JaneA Kelley of Paws and Effect won two Muse Medallions and Deb Glovatsky of Glogirly won two medallions as well!

And of course, it's always fun to visit with all my writer friends. Janiss Garza from Sparkle the Designer Cat is one of my besties and I love spending time with her. And I finally got to meet Glori Anibarro from Gato Avocado. There are just way too many delightful people to name here. They all rock pretty hard and are friends to and advocates for cats.

(L-R) Deb, me and JaneA. Cat writers are tough, yo.
Book signing with authors Amy Shojai and Susan Logan, who is also the editor of Cat Fancy.
I love meeting readers!
Spirit helped me sell books.

"Cheers!" from Janiss, Glori and me!

Now it's home to my human and furry family. And lots of stink eye from the latter!

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