Friday, November 8, 2013

Flashback Friday: The Tiny Terror

Phoebe was an adorable kitten, but she was craaaa-zzzyy! Last week I posted about my visit with Miles the kitten and, I'll tell you, I had a tough time keeping up with him! It's been eight years since Phoebe was a kitten and my time spent with Miles reminded me of Phoebe's reign of terror. She's always been incredible active and wildly intelligent, which meant she was into everything!

Her favorite pastime was stealing jewelry. She'd often make off with items from my dresser and squirrel them away in her nylon kitty cube. She chewed cords (we had to wrap all our cords in tubing) and raced across tables and countertops. Thankfully she's calmed down -- at least a little bit.

Then: Innocent? Not so much.
Now: Nutty, yet slightly subdued.

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