Friday, September 6, 2013

There's a Part of My Body That's Coveted Real Estate

Early in the morning, when I'm the only human awake in the house, Cosmo and Phoebe vie for my lap space. Usually, Phoebe wins the coveted real estate. Poor Mr. Cosmo Come Lately saunters over a few minutes after Phoebe's settled in my lap. He "stands up" and props his paws on the chair, giving me total Puss in Boots face. Then Phoebe looks at him like, "Sorry, sucker." And then she goes back to indulging in neck scritches. Cos needs to up his game ... or I need to get a bigger lap.

Also, I wanted to let you know that Friday Fanglish is on hiatus for awhile (if you are unfamiliar with Fanglish, go have a look at this dictionary of cat slang). I'm super-busy with the new book right now and am trying to simplify a little. Speaking of the book ... have you secured your copy? Also make sure and check out the new interactive whiskerslist site!


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