Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Tyrant is a Big Baby

I often write about Phoebe being a conniving little meanie-pants who bullies Saffy. This is all true -- every bit of it. But she's also a big baby -- even more so than Cosmo sometimes. She has to sleep at the end of my bed every night and then she wakes up with me and proceeds to follows me around, waiting for me to plant my butt somewhere so she can demand a snuggle. Seriously, people ... she demands it. She's stands impatiently in the I'm-ready-to-pounce-into-your-lap position until I'm settled, usually with a blanket in my lap. Then she jumps up and begins purring super-loudly and really hard. It's like she's gasping for air because she's purring so loudly. That cat's a nut. I just had to share the softer side of Phoebe so you didn't think I was living beside a total tyrant (most of the time, anyway).

Here she is on my lap this morning.

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