Monday, July 15, 2013

I Stepped Out On My Cats -- For a Great Cause!

You may remember that in May, Catladyland won a the Best Humor Blog award at the BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media conference. I was over-the-moon excited and grateful for the honor. 

I get to act silly and win awards for it! Yay! Photo: Mary Dunbar

Even better than the really cool, personalized trophy, all winners received the opportunity to donate 200-lbs of cat food and 200-lbs of dog food to a shelter of their choice. My favorite local shelter is Feline Rescue, Inc. in St. Paul and they can't do much with a pallet of dog food. BlogPaws agreed to allow us to substitute more cat food for the dog food, which meant we'd get to donate a whopping 400-lbs of Petcurean cat food to the shelter! 

Lots of kneading paws! Photo: Tim Glovatsky

But wait, there's more! My friend and fellow Minnesotan cat blogger, Debbie Glovatsky of the hilarious Glogirly blog won the Nose-to-Nose for Best Twitter Design. The award was actually for @WafflesTooKitty, but I'm not telling Katie about that. Would you? 

Debbie and I snuggled many a kitty that day, including White Cloud! Photo: Tim Glovatsky

Anyhoo ... Debbie and I thought it would be a swell idea to combine our donations and give them to the same rescue, resulting in 800-lbs of Petcurean cat food! That's a lot of full kitty bellies!

Does Black Foot look impressed? Not so much. Photo: Tim Glovatsky

Last month, Debbie and I visited Feline Rescue and met some of the kitties that live there. And her husband, Gloman was kind enough to follow us around with a camera. For those of you who aren't familiar with the nonprofit rescue, they are a no-kill, all-volunteer shelter that was established in 1997. 

Cuddle-fest with Rufio and Tux T!! Photo: Tim Glovatsky

And they do a lot more than provide shelter for cats awaiting adoption. They also offer foster care, social and medical rehabilitation, feral and stray management, spay and neuter subsidy and community education. In other words, they're making a huge difference in the lives of cats! Please take a moment to like or follow them on their social media sites: Facebook, blog, Twitter, Pinterest.

I didn't want to let this sweet Louie go. Photo: Tim Glovatsky

Debbie and I are pleased to be able to help such a worthwhile organization and share their good work with you! I came home from the shelter covered in foreign cat hair. My cats wanted to know if I'd been stepping out on them and the whereabouts of their pallet of food. Self-centered little buggers.

More White Cloud! The kitties of Feline Rescue get lots of love! Photo: Tim Glovatsky

We're hoping to learn about the scheduled donation delivery time so we can be onsite and take some photos. We've been trying to imagine what 800-lbs. of cat food looks like and have come up with no sort of realistic visual, but we're pretty sure it's a ginormous pile. If we make it down to Feline Rescue for the delivery, we'll be sure to post pics!

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