Sunday, July 14, 2013

A House Concert Helped Cats ... And We Ate Waffles!

Last Wednesday was a highly entertaining evening in the Catladyland house. We hosted a Sarah Donner house concert that doubled as a fundraiser for my very favorite local rescue, Feline Rescue Inc., located in St. Paul, MN.

Sarah and I get our Saffy on.

You may know of this lovely lass, Sarah Donner. The YouTube video of her singing "Treeline" to her little foster kitten, Lady Peanut created quite an online stir. Even cuter, Lady P.'s eyes got very heavy during the serenade. Adorable!! Don't believe me or feel the need to experience the immense cuteness again. Here you go. You're welcome.

So, back to the glory of last Wednesday. Sarah brought along an opening act and her name was Laura Meyer. Talk about a soulful voice! And she was super-sweet! And she did my dishes! You must check out her stuff because you will fall in love with her.

Laura Meyer was a delight!

Then Ms. Sarah took the stage on the tile floor of my family room and put on a show we will not soon forget. Her lyrics and gorgeous tones mesmerized all of us -- even the cats. It was such a treat and honor to have her in my home. We even had a sleepover! And waffles!

I love how the scratching post and cat door are behind Sarah. I'm sure she felt right at home!

Sarah generously agreed to donate a portion of the donations for the evening to Feline Rescue and Jocelyn, a friend and representative from the rescue, was there to enjoy the show and return their cut of the moolah to the organization. It was a win-win for everyone, cats included!

In typical Phoebe fashion, the little miss hijacked the donation basket.

Tomorrow I'll be writing more about a recent visit to Feline Rescue and some cool stuff that's happening over there. Until then, keep on rockin' and kiss your kitties for me! On the LIPS!

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