Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cats in Shopping Carts and Please Pass the Frosting

Originally posted 10/26/10

Aside from being a cat person, I'm also what I'd consider a people person.  Mostly...when they're nice, anyway.  I love learning odd and quirky things about my friends; this is probably because it make me feel better about my own bizarre behavior.  In general, I think that cat people are peculiar in the best way possible.  With this in mind, I thought I'd share five of my (questionably) endearing quirks with you.  In return, please respond with something odd or interesting about yourself.  It'll be some good, freaky fun!

  • I love cake frosting.  When I eat cake, I usually eat the cake part first and save the frosting for last.  I could eat have eaten an entire bowl of frosting in a sitting.  The same goes for chocolate chip cookie dough.  I'm defenseless against its sugary seduction.

  • Those of you that are regular readers know that I have sort of a disturbingly vivid imagination.  I often picture my cats doing human things (especially in public) and think about how people would react to the silly situations.  Yesterday I was at the grocery store and immediately thought how funny it would be if one of my cats were sitting like a toddler in the seat of the shopping know, all strapped in, legs through the holes, wearing some denim overalls and a cute little red-checked shirt.  I think I may have started giggling as the scenario popped into my head.  This is  My husband is accepting condolences.  I'm accepting frosting.

  • I'm a giant baby when it comes to scary movies and haunted houses.  Can't, won't, nope.

  • I like to read the thesaurus.  I own two large ones, a pocket-sized one, and I have the website at the top of my bookmarks.  I'm a word nerd.  Lexicon lover. Vocabulary maniac. Jargon aficionado.

  • Cosmo the cat joins me in the bathroom when I shower.  Many times, I make up songs and sing to him while I am showering.  He sits between the curtain and the liner and bats at me while I serenade him.  I'm pretty sure that means he loves my songs.  Pretty sure.

So there's a little peek into Angie's brain.  Still with me?  There's plenty more where that came from, but I promised to only embarrass my kids a little at a time.  I wonder if the cats are embarrassed by my strange thoughts and behavior?  Phoebe?

Good.  I don't want to lose my edge...  Now, what's one of your fabulous quirks?  Can you see me leaning in?  Do tell ...

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