Monday, November 22, 2010

Men Who Love Cats: Hi Bruce!

Bruce with his first cat, Hopping John (Hoppy), 1979-1981

What better way to start a new week than by meeting another man who loves cats?  Today we feature Bruce, self-proclaimed feline fancier.  I learned of Bruce's affinity toward kitties through his mother, Carole.  Carole writes a fabulous cat blog called The Adventures of Admiral Hertorb -- you really have to check out the daily adventures of this sweet little girl.  Bruce agreed to interview and I'm so glad he did! 

Catladyland: Have you always loved cats?  Did you grow up with cats?

Bruce: Pretty much.  We got our first cat when I was nine.  I have been domesticated since then.

Catladyland: Do you currently have cats?

Bruce: No cats here at the moment, although one or more will be here eventually.  We visit cats at friends' houses.  There are two we see quite a bit (Ava is at one house and Ossie is at another).

Catladyland: What do you like best about cats?

Bruce: They have all the traits people value in companion animals: loyalty, caring, playful, cute, protective, etc., but with a lot less bother than dogs.  Cats have plenty to offer and are not super-demanding in return. An added plus: cats are regal, so if they like you, you've got to be pretty cool.

Thanks, Bruce -- the feline gene runs in the family!  You are definitely one pretty cool cat-man.  And I agree, if a cat like you, it definitely says something about your character.  Cats can sniff out the good ones...

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  1. That's so sweet! Well any young man that enjoys cats must be a very nice person! :)

    Happy Monday!
    xo Catherine

  2. Adorable. I loved that particular picture of them. They were always snuggling. Hoppy had all three boys to choose from but he was most often with Bruce. :-)

  3. Bruce was a good boy to snuggle with Hoppy, his favorite kitty!


  4. Love guys who love cats! You didn't tell us if he is a Boy who loves cats or a Man who loves cats! Make sure he sees CUTE BOYS WITH CATS! Maybe he can post his photo!

  5. That is such a great picture and it is always fun to hear about men that like cats. I think there are a lot of them out there, we just don't hear about them. Great picture. They both look so very happy.
    Take care and I hope you have a fun week.

  6. ohai Bru, mai boy iz called Bruce too an we call him Bru lotsa times an we luv him too!

  7. Bruce is one cute little guy! (so is the kitty!)
    One important thing...guys who like cats tend to make darned good husbands too!!!
    Nice meeting adorable Bruce!

  8. Nice to "meet" Bruce! And it's always great to see guys who love cats -- or at least admit to it. :-D

  9. Nice to see a young boy really appreciate cats! Our Pop has been a feline fan from way back.

  10. Nice interview! That picture is adorable! We love the Admiral and her mommy, so its nice to learn about Bruce, too.

    There are definitely men who love cats out there (I'm one of them, in fact). :)

  11. A nice interview and a cute loving photo. Kassey and I are friends of Carole and the Admiral.

  12. We think there should be a blog for Men who love Cats! Bruce, we salute you.

  13. That's lovely interview ! We just love it.
    In my point of view, Bruce are a lucky man who love cats. Because I beleive " People who hate cats will come back as mice in their next life." hee...hee...

  14. You said it, Mr. Puddy, you handsome man cat you.

  15. That was so sweet--men who love cats rock!


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