Thursday, August 30, 2012

Want to Try a Sample of Royal Canin's New SPAYED/NEUTERED™ Cat Food?

Every responsible pet parent knows the importance of spaying and neutering their furry kids; there's no question about it, right? We want to put a halt to pet overpopulation and encourage adoption of shelter animals. Along with the obvious benefits, the procedure can lead to hormonal and behavioral changes that can cause cats to become overweight, due to decreased energy needs and an increase in appetite. 

Our friends at Royal Canin, a leader in science-based nutrition for pets, is introducing its new SPAYED/NEUTERED line of feline formulas that includes balanced nutrition and appetite control to help manage these changes -- providing a new way to feed cats in the U.S.

"Many owners may notice that their cat seems lazy, has an insatiable appetite or begs for food. What they don't understand is that the decreased energy and increased appetite are a major side effect of spaying and neutering," says Steve Dale, certified dog and cat behavior consultant and host of Steve Dales Pet World radio show. "This new food from Royal Canin is the simple solution to help spayed and neutered cats maintain weight and therefore better health throughout their lives."

“Since the vast majority of America’s pet cats - 88 percent, in fact – are spayed or neutered, there is a great need for a diet that addresses the decreased energy and increased appetite that result from the procedure,” says Dr. Brent Mayabb, veterinarian and manager of education and development at Royal Canin. “We are proud to introduce the most comprehensive health nutrition solution that can help control appetite and support a cat’s decreased energy needs, which is now available at your local pet specialty store.”

All of the new SPAYED/NEUTERED formulas contain controlled fat levels to maintain weight and added antioxidants promote health through every life stage. The line features four dry formulas for cats and kittens, as well as a canned formula that can be used as a meal or as a complement to the dry kibble.

Need further convincing? Listen to Steve Dale himself. The guy knows what he's talking about.

I know there are a variety of foods and feeding philosophies out there and I am not posting this as an invitation to debate any of it. I just find the science behind all of it fascinating and am excited to try this food on my cats, two of which have struggled with weight gain on and off since their spay and neuter. 

Guess what?? YOU can try the new SPAYED/NEUTERED™ food! In conjunction with the new formula, Royal Canin is launching a national campaign called You Share, We Give, which benefits the American Humane Association. The program encourages pet parents to “share” information about spaying and neutering in exchange for free SPAYED/NEUTERED™ food samples. Here's how it works:

Additionally, Royal Canin is donating $25,000 to the American Humane Association in support of feline health research! How cool is that?

So why not obtain your sample and see what your cat thinks? They are never short on opinions!

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