Monday, July 2, 2012

Texas: Where Even the Cats are Big

This week I am in Texas visiting my friend Nicky, whom also happens to be the author of the very funny blog, Mew Brew. Nicky and I have been close friends since college and have always shared the love of cats.  Her cat Hector (also the star of her blog) is one of my all-time favorite felines. When I arrived and embraced him, I'd forgotten about his ginormous size...he's one juicy tomato! I'm not talking fat, folks; he's just a big fella!

I love how Hector always looks a little bit pissed off. I was petting him this morning and he was purring like crazy, yet his facial expression was one of, "I really can't be bothered by all this nonsense." He has one paw in the world of Love Me, Love Me, Pet Me and the other paw in You Disgust Me, Go Away. But I suppose many (most) cats are like that, right? I think it's his facial beauty mark that gives him that little something extra.

Anyhoo...please enjoy a few pictures of Hector the Ginormous Cat from Texas (where everything is big).

Pet Me!!!

Now go away.

Hector rises above the human child shenanigry.
Oh Hector, I adore you. 

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