Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fanglish Lesson

Another Friday, another lesson in the underground cat slanguage called Fanglish. As a reminder, make sure you are behind closed doors when you read this. Our cats are becoming suspicious; we may wake up tomorrow with dead computers and keyboards full of cat pee.

OK friends, here are your weekly Fanglish vocabulary words:

Loaf of Wry
A cat tightly tucked in the loaf position and wearing a sarcastic facial expression.

The Lady wanted me to play with the neighbor boy, but I was clearly a Loaf of Wry.

Boxing Match
A large cat's persistent struggle to fit into a tiny box.

After Valentine's Day, we all watched the Boxing Match between Bubba and the heart-shaped candy box. 

Past Fanglish Lessons

I hope you enjoyed today's lesson and remember to come back next week for another set of vocab words. Just remember to have an alibi ready in case your cats start drilling you about what you've been doing locked in the basement with the laptop for 15 minutes.

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