Thursday, June 28, 2012

Freshly-Flushed Toilet Water! Yay!!

Cats have such strange little quirks. I often think about how people might react if I picked up some of those odd feline behaviors. I'm around my cats enough; it's possible. Yeah, she goes again with the whole "human-acting-as-cat" routine. Hey...while the rest of the country is watching Dancing With the Stars or CSI-something-or-other, this is what runs through my mind. I venture to say it's better than most primetime entertainment.

When I change the litter box, at least one cat is hot on my heels, ready to unleash upon the fresh potty particles. What if, when I heard a toilet flush, I raced to the bathroom door, eager to be the first to utilize the newly-flushed toilet water?

My Phoebe will only eat if we move her food around a little or "fluff it." What if I were on a business lunch and asked my dining partner to shift my salad around my plate a bit? Would that be weird?

Often, my cats completely disregard a brand new, expensive toy in favor of a plastic pen cap or dusty milk jug ring. What if my husband bestowed a gorgeous diamond upon my finger and I completely ignored it, instead reaching for a twist tie from a bag of moldy old bagels?

Maybe I need to start watching Dancing With the Stars...

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