Thursday, June 9, 2011

Smile: You're in Catladyland

Does Catladyland make you giggle?  Do Phoebe's shenanigans leave you tee-heeing? Do you guffaw at Cosmo's awkward  mishaps?  Does the long-suffering Saffy give you a grin? Does my daily tug-of-war with sanity amuse/frighten you?

Then NOMINATE Catladyland as Funniest Pet Blog in the 2011 Pettie Awards!  Last year we were a finalist for Best Cat Blog and this year we hope to win in the new category. If we are awarded the $500 prize, we look forward to donating it to Feline Rescue, Inc, a no-kill cat rescue organization in St. Paul, Minnesota.

It's easy-peasy.  Just click here, check the Funniest Blog or Blogger box.  The form will ask for my name and the blog URL: Angie Bailey/ is the information you need. If you'd like to populae the e-mail field, please use the address:

Thanks for the visual aid, Saffy.  

Thanks for the support, guys...

And many thanks for sharing the laughter and love of cats with me each and every day!

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