Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please Pass the Frosting

Aside from being a cat person, I'm also what I'd consider a people person.  Mostly...when they're nice, anyway.  I love learning odd and quirky things about my friends; this is probably because it make me feel better about my own bizarre behavior.  In general, I think that cat people are peculiar in the best way possible.  With this in mind, I thought I'd share five of my (questionably) endearing quirks with you.  In return, please respond with something odd or interesting about yourself.  It'll be some good, freaky fun!

  • I love cake frosting.  When I eat cake, I usually eat the cake part first and save the frosting for last.  I could eat have eaten an entire bowl of frosting in a sitting.  The same goes for chocolate chip cookie dough.  I'm defenseless against its sugary seduction.

  • Those of you that are regular readers know that I have sort of a disturbingly vivid imagination.  I often picture my cats doing human things (especially in public) and think about how people would react to the silly situations.  Yesterday I was at the grocery store and immediately thought how funny it would be if one of my cats were sitting like a toddler in the seat of the shopping cart...you know, all strapped in, legs through the holes, wearing some denim overalls and a cute little red-checked shirt.  I think I may have started giggling as the scenario popped into my head.  This is me...all...day...long.  My husband is accepting condolences.  I'm accepting frosting.

  • I'm a giant baby when it comes to scary movies and haunted houses.  Can't, won't, nope....

  • I like to read the thesaurus.  I own two large ones, a pocket-sized one, and I have the website at the top of my bookmarks.  I'm a word nerd.  Lexicon lover. Vocabulary maniac. Jargon aficionado.

  • Cosmo the cat joins me in the bathroom when I shower.  Many times, I make up songs and sing to him while I am showering.  He sits between the curtain and the liner and bats at me while I serenade him.  I'm pretty sure that means he loves my songs.  Pretty sure.

So there's a little peek into Angie's brain.  Still with me?  There's plenty more where that came from, but I promised to only embarrass my kids a little at a time.  I wonder if the cats are embarrassed by my strange thoughts and behavior?  Phoebe?

Good.  I don't want to lose my edge...  Now, what's one of your fabulous quirks?  Can you see me leaning in?  Do tell...


  1. Opening a tin of Betty Crocker's frosting to eat, rather then decorate a cake ~ yup ~ I understand.

    Kitty in a kiddy basket ~ I would love to see that!

    I do not think scary movies or haunted houses are necessary for anyone in life.

    Reading the thesauruses... hmmm... nope... can't relate to this one.

    Singing made up songs to kitty... doesn't everyone who is lucky enough to be owned by a cat do that?? ;)

    Happy Tuesday Angie!
    xo Catherine

  2. My mom says she is with you on the first two. The frosting is ALWAYS the best part. She is also famous for imagining me or the cats in funny everyday situations. In fact, my papa always says, "are you thinking of Pip or Rosie in that outfit, shopping cart, etc."

    One other silly thing about my mom, she enjoys dressing me and my four year old human sister in matching outfits! Fortunately, my sister is no longer cooperates, but when she was younger, we were twins!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. I like to lip-synch to the songs I'm listening to while I'm out walking. I really like to dance while I'm walking, too, but I do that when nobody else is around. :-)

  4. definitely can relate to the frosting -- although i usually put the cake on its side and eat the bottom half -- and the top half with the frosting. my thing is cherry pie.....eat the top crust, then the edge crust until there is nothing left but a little (rarely smaller than 1/4 pie, lol) slice of cherry pie, with no visible crust.... then pick the cherries off one by one. i can't do scary anything any more. looking at myself in the mirror in the morning is enough. my cat agrees.

  5. @Mattie, I love imagining you doing that!

  6. Oh, Bonnie.... cherry pie is divine! I like the way you think!

  7. Love frosting too and I sing to my cats when I make them breakfast - usually songs I make up with their names in it. If you scare easily - best not stay too long at my Halloween posts this week!

  8. Angie darlin',
    Frosting? Ooohhh....I love it when Mama makes her special caramel frosting...
    Singing in the bathroom? Yeap...with me sitting on the window sill.
    Imagination running wild? The blog is the proof!

  9. I'm with you if the frosting is chocolate. I have to have a smidgen (there's my big word :) of chocolate every day and if I can't find it I pop open some icing. Oh yes, imagining the cats in baby paraphernalia is one of mine too...like a car-seat (ha!)I am always joined by a cat in the sink, on the mat and one scratching at the door as soon as I hit the shower. I don't sing in the shower...too much energy.
    I'm with you also on the scary movies...no way! I do have one quirky thing with cats I will admit...I like to read to them. They just stare at me and wait to hear the line..."Want some nom-nom's" and are always disappointed but return for the next book.
    Have a fun day...Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  10. @Cat in Sydney: Caramel frosting??? YUM!

  11. Ok, ok...so i make voices for my cats and picture them doing human things as well...i make up songs with their names and sing to them! i can tell they don't like my singing! LOl

  12. PAWesome quirkiness you have! Our mom is a total lunatic then. She loves to act a fool wherever she goes. She will bust out in a dance if a good song comes on...while FOODSHOPPING! She really loves to act goofy around dad, as he thinks she's a mental patient most of the time.

  13. My husband is CONVINCED I'm a mental patient :)

  14. Yep - mom does the frosting out of the can. And she talks to us - good thing she lives alone. :) Makes sure to tell us all to be good when she leaves in the mornings.

  15. I'm with ya on the frosting thing, for sure! :) I think one of my weird quirks is my laugh. It's super loud, and I laugh frequently and easily. I have had people find me in public places because they heard and recognized my laugh :) (Oh, and my sneezes too - LOUD - maybe louder than my laugh... and always unexpected, no warning!) --Tammy

  16. Wells, mama is not a frosting person, but she loves cookie dough! She's also a word geek and has several online dictionaries bookmarked, including an Old English one!

  17. You're not supposed to leave the frosting for last? I thought everybody did that! :-) I definitely share your frosting and cookie dough addiction.

  18. Wow those are not that strange at all! I eat my cake the same way - cake first then frosting. And while I never ate a full bowl I do usually skimp on frosting things because I want to have some for myself! And hm, I also am not a fan of scary movies or haunted houses, I like to read about words, though I don't do it often, and my cats always want to be in the bathroom when I get ready and I do sing to them (though not usually at the same time). So other than imagining my cats in human situations (which of course, now I am doing) I am pretty similar!

  19. I actually eat ALL of the frosting off first so that I have nothing but cake left.

    When I eat a meal I "save" what I like the most for last

    I am also a word geek, freak, whatever...I am completely obsessed with words.

    Ready for this? I eat pizza in "layers" I eat the topping first, (if there is meat I eat the meat, veggies, cheese) then I lick the sauce off of the crust so that my crust is completely naked. Then I eat the crust. (BTW I only do this at home, my husband recently saw me do this for the FIRST TIME, and nearly died) Don't know how he escaped seeing it before then.

    I do the same thing with pie, top crust, if it is fruit pie I pick the fruit out, eat the fruit, then the gooey stuff, so that the bottom crust is bare, then the bottom crust.

    I AM normal lol

  20. I totally get the frosting thing - however - cookie dough is at the top. Or preferably, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Heaven on a spoon!

    I *have* a toddler that sits atop the cart, which is more than enough to think about at the time. Any additional thoughts at the time may make my head explode.

    I can't do haunted houses either (had a horrible experience as a kid, haven't been back in 30 years). However, I do like to watch scary movies. Weird, I know. Hey, chalk that up as a quark for me!

    As a writer, thesauraus is my best friend. As well as his brother Mr. Dictionary. Yes, people actually pay me to write for them, but I can't spell for shit. Go figure. Hey, that's a 2nd quark for me. Kinda like an accountant who's terrible with money. Hum.

    I use to own a Westie who would follow me into the shower, wait patiently for me to exit, then lick my wet legs once I got out.

    So you are not alone girlfriend! Your quarks is what make me love ya!

  21. I am a word nerd too and a frosting freak..oh, this is the Admiral's mom..I would never let HER collect words nor frosting. (Mine I tell you...MINE!)

    I love your imagination..and all that you give us here. ♥

  22. I am so with you on frosting...I always want the corner piece. :)

    Something quirky about me...I have to have a hot drink before bed? I don't know why, but I do...

  23. Hee hee! Our Rumblemum does the same thing with her cake!

    Lovely to meet you my friend!

  24. I love frosting too. I am not really a cake girl. I will leave the cake over and just eat the frosting. One day my sister-in-law baked us a carrot cake and gave us a tin of frosting, so we can frost as we go. I grabbed a spoon and ate the frosting!

    I used to always dress my bichon up in my old cabbage patch kid’s clothes.

  25. OK, so I'm apparently the only person on the planet who doesn't like frosting. I eat the cake and leave the frosting on my plate EVERY TIME.

    When I eat colored candies (like Skittles, M&Ms, Sweet Tarts), I sort them by color and then eat one color at a time. I usually save the orange or red ones for last because they're my favorite.

    I, too, when I leave the house each day, say to my 5 kitties in the most loving way possible, "OK, Bad Kitties, be good today! Love you, Babies!" I'll also tell them if I'm going to be home at the regular time or later than usual.

    I eat the food on my plate one thing at a time. I always start with my favorite thing on the plate and go in descending order. That way, if I'm full before I'm finished, the good stuff doesn't go to waste.

    I'm sure there are plenty more quirks I could share, but I just can't think of them now!


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