Monday, October 25, 2010

Experiment Time!

My cats are pretty smart, but every once in a while I like to challenge them with brainteasers.  Today's experiment: Can my cats sniff out the real bag of cat treats?  Their choices include a box of Trader Joe's whole wheat cous cous, a bag of Temptations chicken-flavored cat treats (those are the real ones...shhhhh...), and a fortune cookie from China Panda restaurant.

The lineup...
The inspections begin...

They solved the brainteaser in typical fashion:  Cosmo and Saffy do all the work and Phoebe takes the credit.  Who's the smart fortune cookie?


  1. Yeay! Cats 1 - Mummy 0. purrr....meow!

  2. Did any of you try the cous cous? It has a cute name. Maybe it tastes nomy too...

    Have a great day.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Another pure GENIUS post my friend!!

    "Who's Confucious?" MOL!!

    Love it!!

  4. That was great! Mama said she'd pick the cous cous!

  5. This cracks me up! I can guarantee our boys would be able to sniff out the treats! (Though they have been known to pry open dried pasta just for kicks and giggles!) --Tammy

  6. That is a great experiment - we might need to try that at our house!

  7. MOL! This was fun...although we like to eat fortune cookies, too! So we might not do so good on this test.

  8. I loved that. Mom? Can you do the same with me and see how I do?

  9. Why work when you can get others to do it for you :-))) Good job all! You surely deserved some treats after that :-)

    Angie can I have your address. You'll find my email address via GLP (my profile).

    Lots of purr from Greece (oh so many kitties to look after here!!).

  10. Haha ~ it looks like these kitties have good sniffers! :)

    Happy Tuesday!
    xo Catherine


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