Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who's Hungry?

Some of you may know that I recently launched another blog: Katt Food.  After realizing I giggle uncontrollably when posing my cats as food items and then posting pictures of them, I realized I really must continue to feed the urge in a heartier way.  In short, I craved more Katt Food and so cooked up a blog of the same name.

I began posting pictures of my own three cats and invited others to post their pictures to the Katt Food Facebook page or e-mail them to me to post on the blog.  The response has been pretty tasty and I'm ready to kick it up a notch.  For this, I need your help!  Here are the ways you can support Katt Food and help me build a more succulent readership:

  • Submit original pictures of your cat(s) posing as or with food.  When I post this to the blog, I will provide credit to you and a link back to your blog (if you have one)!  

  • Post a link to Katt Food on your blog (if you have one) and encourage your readers to stop by for a delicious morsel!

It's that easy!  One of the things I love best blogging is the fabulous community we create.  I have found this especially true in the pet blogging community.  It's so great that we support and encourage the success of our fellow bloggers. Thank you in advance for your assistance in dishing up some Katt Food!


  1. Yep I agree that "supporting our fellow bloggers" is very important! I know I do my part!


    Cat Chat

  2. Yes you do! You are one of the very best, Caren! And a wonderful friend, to boot :)

  3. That really is cool! I don't think I have any pictures of us being food...but hey, we will check!

  4. Brian, it can even be pictures of you *with* food! It's fun!

  5. I have a great shot of The Baby in a bowl...I'll email it to you!

  6. Mama won't let us near human food let alone pose with it, but we'll check out your blog anyway--we always love to support our fellow bloggers!


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