Friday, October 1, 2010

Chips-n-Nip: A Model for World Peace

Saffy, Cosmo, and Phoebe seldom congregate in the same space.  If any of them play or curl up together, it's Phoebe and Cosmo -- Saffy is never invited to their reindeer games.  Rare occurrences do bring all three of them together and food/treats or the prospect of food/treats appears to be the common denominator.  I try to dash for my camera when I catch the three of them in the same space.   Lately, I've only captured two shots.  They look like they all get along.  It's kind of like the holiday family photo where everyone is bickering, they cooperate and say "cheese" for a quick snapshot, and then go right back to snipping at each other.

Chipmunk-watching: I think Phoebe forgot her fur was nearly touching Saffy's!

Catnip in the grocery bag time!  Two key components here: They can't see each other and they are under the influence of the nip.

Maybe that's the answer to world peace?  Find something that we all really care about, can agree upon, and focus on that.  Look for the similarities instead of the differences.  I believe that's possible.  But for now, I'll settle for short-lived, catnip-infused happiness among my three kit-kats.


  1. Maybe we can have airplanes sprinkle catnip down on everyone in the world? What do you think?

    These are adorable photos!
    Your kitty in the middle looks like my Bobo used to look....I love those white paws!

    Cat Chat

  2. I love the cats in the bags!!

  3. Beautiful post! But that sure will take a lot of bags and a lot of chipmunks for the world peace thing...but worth a try!

  4. Hey, I never get catnip-in-a-bag! And I DO think THAT is the answer to world peace. Or at least peace in MY house!

  5. I love those pictures…. They so look like the very happy family!


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