Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's a Mother to Do??

Yesterday I reached under Saffy's cat bed to retrieve some toy mice and my fingers touched a large paper envelope. Curious, I pulled it out, opened it, and what do you think I found? Evidence of a secret modeling photo shoot! I've previously mentioned that Phoebe often bullies poor Saffy, leaving her hungry for ways to build her waning self-esteem. While no one was home, she must have sought the skills of a photographer to shoot this series of shots. Take a look.
This first photo isn't so bad...she's a very beautiful girl. Maybe I have nothing to worry about.
A very dramatic silhouette -- yes, Saffy chose some very tasteful poses.
Really, Saffy?  What's going on here?  You don't need to wear fruit on your head to prove anything.
And then I found this rather questionable pose.  Oh, didn't...

*Sigh* Should I reveal that I found the photos and express my concern?  Should I just return the envelope to its hidden location?   What's a worried mother to do??


  1. Oh noes! You don't think the last photo was submitted to..... PLAYCAT?!?

  2. MOL~!!! Looks like someone is trying to make some green papers on the down low...The Pineapple on the head was HISSterical!

  3. I would quietly slip the photos back under her bed and have a talk with Phoebe. ♥

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  5. I think her name should be Lola! The pineapple photo make me think of Copa Cabana...

  6. Well, Saffy is a very lovely girl, so we say let her enjoy herself!

  7. LOVE the pix!

    I wanted to let you know that I have passed a blog award on to you! You can see the details here:


    Crazy Cat Lady

  8. I wouldn't worry unless she is planning on entering a Miss America know how dirt comes out after the win?

    Just sayin.......

  9. I would have said just put the envelope back where you found it, but that last photo...! I think you need to have a talk with her.


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