Thursday, August 19, 2010

Men Who Love Cats: The Jeff Edition

Another cat-lovin'-man steps up! Meet my friend, Jeff. He is a feline fancier and also authors two fabulous blogs, The World of Jeff! and The Food of Jeff! He was happy to answer a few questions about his kitty-love.

Catladyland: Have you always loved cats?

Jeff: Yes, as far back as I can remember. The first cat I remember was Bootsie, a big fluffy white-with-orange-patches cat that used to wash Sue the black labrador's ears for her. I was only a little baby but I remember Bootsie.

Catladyland: Do you have cats now? What are their names?

Jeff: I live with my sister at the moment and so I am sorta sharing her cat. Her name is Honey, although she goes by Honeybun or the Bunster. Our family are like that, we have always changed our cats' names into several different nicknames.

Catladyland: Is there one that is your favorite?

Jeff: There have been so many, it's hard to pick one. They all had different personalities. Probably if I had to narrow it down I'd make a shortlist of about ten. Sydney Butterworth was a lovely cat, he was a fluffy tabby with white socks that love to sleep on the back of the sofa with his legs dangling either side. We had a black cat called Ivan Skavinsky Skavarr who was a black part-Burmese, with those big ears and that yowl of a meow. Squeakster was another black cat with a tubby belly and a squeaky little mew. His name became Alfred, Lord Squeakster. We had a black-and-white part-Burmese called Ratbag, whose nickname was Flying Fred. I think my favourite though might well be Rusty, who was one of a litter of kittens born to Rowena, who we got to replace Ratbag. Rusty was a calico-and-white and she was beautiful.

Catladyland: What do you like best about cats?

Jeff: I think I like their independence and their playfulness. I like their purring too, so much so that I taught myself how to do it. If you purr effectively in front of a cat, and couple it with the slow blink, it freaks them out. Hilarious. They're like, "Whaaat? He talks CAT?!"

Thanks, Jeff! If you are interested in being featured as a cat-lovin'-man, drop me a line!


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