Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I've Just Been Skooled

In just a few short weeks, my kids will be heading back to school. We recently received the list of their necessary school supplies and, later this morning, I'll be heading down to the bank to take out a loan to pay for them. School supplies lists have definitely gotten more expansive than when I was in school and simply needed my kitten-themed Trapper Keeper, ball point pens, and loose-leaf paper. Now they need thumb drives, dictionaries, and fancy math calculators whose functions send me into bouts of anxiety.

My cats caught wind of this list and decided they should submit a supply list of their own. They scrawled their "necessary" items (it actually looks like Phoebe's handwriting) and slipped it behind the kids' list in my planner pad.

Cat Suppliez

Chia Cat Grass Planter
Paper grocery bagz
Coupla rollz of toilet paper (for each of us)
Stick of butter (for Phoebe)
Some milk jug lidz
Warm towelz from dryer
Catnip cupcakez (cuz we need snakz, Mama)
Tom Jones Greatest Hits CD (for Cosmo)

These cats are smart -- I think I've just been skooled....


  1. Pussycat Pussycat, I love you! LOL, love this post, too funny!

  2. Hello! Your blog is wonderful. We are making you Pet Blogger of the Week this Saturday for Pet Blogger Support Saturday! Woofy Woo and congratulations. Check http://www.tppc.tv/blog2 on Saturday to see!


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