Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cat Food Part II: Hungry for Italian?

Sometimes you're really hungry and a nice bowl of tasty pasta is the only food that will hit the spot. Look no further -- I have just the meal for you!

Pasta comes is so many fun shapes!

What would pasta be without a well-seasoned, chunky marinara sauce?

Don't worry about the extra calories -- grab a fork and indulge!


  1. Hello! I am a first timer to your blog. I spent a few hours this morning reading your blog. I enjoyed it so much!. I am also a cat lady and can relate to the cat puke and the warm bodies in bed during hot flashes. (I'm also 40 something) I had to giggle at some of your posts and then I related to others. Thanks you for sharing with us in internet land. As my Governor here in California would say, "I'll be back"! Becki

  2. Becki, thank you so much for the nice comments! I'm glad you found me :)


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