Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Home Alone

I sometimes wonder what my cats really do when we are way and they have the house to themselves. I tried to ask them once, but they were zip-lipped and pretended like they didn't hear me. Alas, I am faced with drawing my own conclusions regarding their home-alone-kitty-capers.


Saffy tends to keep to herself. This is not because she necessarily likes to spend time alone; Phoebe just tends to exclude her from any group-snuggling or four-legged-feline-frolicking. My guess is that Saffy would sit in a too-small-box occupied with a word search book while listening to Susan Boyle on her iPawd. Next, she organizes her coin collection. Afterward, she watches General Hospital and spends at least an hour writing in her diary.


Phoebe is the alpha cat and definitely the ringleader when it comes to kit-kat-shenaniganry. She would likely rope Cosmo into a game of Twister or Uno. Next, she might practice some hip hop dance moves, try on some of my lipstick, rifle through my jewelry box, and make long distance phone calls. Then she would kick Saffy out of whatever comfy spot in which she happened to be lounging, and bite her ear.


Cosmo is the middle-ground, the neutral guy, Switzerland with whiskers. He can and does hang with either of the girls, but prefers the company of the QUEEN PhoeBEE. After playing Twister and Uno with Phoeebs, he might settle in with a Green Hornet comic or perhaps read the first Harry Potter book for the 12th time. He probably makes little tuna sandwiches for Phoebe and himself and they have a picnic in a sunspot in the kitchen. Next, he'll sort his marble collection and then make a newspaper hat, or some sort of other simple craft.

Yes, I can vividly picture my cats doing all of these things...but you know what they probably do when we're not home? Sleep.

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