Monday, August 2, 2010

Cat Burglar

Phoebe is a full grown, 6.5 pound firecracker of a kitty. She’s the smallest and youngest of three, and definitely rules the cat tree. On top of her Queen Bee status, she’s also known in our house as “Hotfoot” because of her quick-as-lightening pilfering paws and electric escapes. She’s stolen jewelry, sticks of butter, snack cakes, and ice cream bars. She so stealthy and speedy that I only catch a blur of her tiny calico-tabby body racing down the stairs to tuck away the treasures in her crow’s nest.

She stores most her of booty in a cheap, pop-up cat cube that has a few hidey-holes, from where she maintains lookout. Once, she made away with my mother’s new turquoise bracelet. Mom made the mistake of reaching inside the cube to retrieve the bracelet and was met with a swatting paw whose message was clear: “Mine!” It soon became clear to us that we need to close the lid on the jewelry boxes, stash food inside cabinets, and never underestimate a cat!

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  1. Never underestimate a cat. They are so smart. When they want something, if it is even slightly possible for them to accomplish getting it on their own, they will. My cat Alex taught himself how to use the water cooler so he could get cold fresh water on demand!


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