Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Housework...blah, blah, blah

Sometimes I wish I were a person who does a little bit of maintenance housework every day and always seems to have a well-kept castle. I seem to be one of those that tidies up here and there, but never does anything major until 1) I cannot bear the sight of it anymore, 2) we are expecting company or 3) I am infected with the cleaning/organizing bug. In the case of the latter, I go-go-go til the whole house is spotless and then collapse until the next infection...usually a month or so down the road.

I love having a super-clean and organized house and I'm not lazy; I can just think of a bazillion other things I'd rather do than scrub a tub or mop a floor. I wonder how difficult it would be to train a cat to fold laundry... On second thought, warm pile of laundry + cat = nap. Bad idea. Do you think they could be trained to at least vacuum stairs?


  1. Oh my .. what a beautiful cat..
    Thanks for the visit.. am following you and look forward to more interesting post :)


  2. Oh, how I wish you could train a cat to vacuum….Life would be so good, especially since I have a white cat and black carpet. What was I ever thinking?

  3. Your style of housework is also my style... I understand completely!


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