Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can I Get a Little Help?

I've been working on computer hoo-ha all morning and, a little while ago, realized there wasn't a cat in my lap -- odd. I went looking for the three fuzz-butts and --surprise -- they were asleep on my bed. I cornered them and asked one of them to volunteer to return to Laptown, attempting to convince them that their whiskered warmth charges me with enhanced writing power and intensified creativity. Here's what they told me:

Phoebe: Mom, can't you see I'm deep in meditation?? Plus, if I don't even have the energy to put my tongue back in my mouth, how can I be expected to super-charge you with anything? Be gone.

Cosmo:Sorry, Mom...I'm too tightly tucked. I can't bear to un-tuck...just too tuckered.

Saffy: La, la, la, la...I can't hear, la, la, la.

I guess I'm on my own...


  1. Nice to meetcha all! I have to admit, I am always up for some laptime! Harley would rather play though.

  2. They are so cute! I want to be as cozy as Saffy...not only can't she hear you, she can't see you either!


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