Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Installment of Cats and the Men Who Love Them

No series of cat-lovin'-men would be complete without featuring Todd. I know Todd from way back (high-school-way-back) and he's married to my sister Amy, so I feel like I have a pretty good handle on his cat-man-essence. He's a bona fide, grade-A feline fancier and I adore the guy.

Catladyland: Have you always loved cats?

Todd: I've loved cats as long as I can remember. Growing up, we had several cats, including Mama Kitty who's name was well deserved. She spawned herds of kittens in her years on earth. She also started my love for black cats, which thankfully Amy and I share. We also had a huge orange tabby named Munchkin who we swore was allergic to cats.

Catladyland: Do you have cats now? Is there one that is your favorite?

We have two cats right now, Mojo and Bowser. Bowser (pictured) is my favorite; he's very demanding when trying to get some attention, but Mojo tends to get into and on to everything he's not supposed to.

Catladyland: What do you like best about cats?

Todd: Cats are just cool. I love their duality; they are content to spend all day with you on the couch, but they couldn't care less if you're gone for a week (as long as they're fed). I love dogs too, but they freak out after being alone for more than 15 minutes.

Cat-lovin'-men run in the family. My handsome nephew Ian (pictured with Mojo) is a devoted Catboy and is certain grow into a fine Catman!

Thanks, Todd and Ian!! You are a purrfect addition to the Catladyland family tree!

Interested in being featured at a Man-Who-Loves-Cats or know a man who's not afraid to scoop a litter box or two? Drop me a line!


  1. Hi, a little slow but gotta brag - my son is a cat-loving guy, has to be with me for a mom - always have had kitties around. Also, his sister's son, my wonderful grandson (Gabriel)is also a "catboy" as you say. In fact, he tells me that if he were to be a cat, he would be the cutest one in the world. I'd have to agree. Where can I send a pic to prove it? :D If I ever, ever (and I do mean if ever) date another guy, he better darn well love cats. Hey, sounds like a great movie title.

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I hope you get this message -- I looked to see if you had a published e-mail and didn't see one. I'd love to feature your son and grandson! Send me an e-mail and I'll send you a few questions for an interview. Then, you'll just provide me photos. You can send it to Thanks again!


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