Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Catboy Steps Up!

Let's hear it for another Catboy!! Meet Darryl. I've known him for maybe 16 years and he's married to my friend, Nicky. He's a good guy with a giant heart for all the animals Nicky seems to collect.

Catladyland: Have you always loved cats?

Darryl: Yes. When I was growing up, I had cats named Frisky, Misty, Sam, and a black cat whose name I can't remember.

Catladyland: How many cats do you have now?

Darryl: Three -- Hector, Fluff, and Zeus (pictured).

Catladyland: Is there one that is a favorite? Why?

Darryl: Fluff is my favorite because he likes me. But Hector is right up there because he isn't annoying like Zeus and Fluff can be. Zeus wakes us up in the mornings and in the night by jumping on us. Fluff paws at the blinds in the window early in the morning.

Catladyland: Why are you a Catboy?

Darryl: Cats are interesting, entertaining and lovable. They make you laugh.

Thanks, Darryl! If you'd like to be featured as a man who loves felines, or knows someone who would, drop me a line! Gotta love a man who's not afraid of a little cat fur on his pants.

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  1. Oh I love seeing Cat Boys or Men. :-) My mommy raised three cat men!!!


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